People Development

For over thirty years I have worked with people of all backgrounds, from the cleaner to the director. It does not matter what your role is, who you are, how much money you earn or where you are in your career.

What matters is that we are all supporting each other by caring and creating a safe place to work in where we feel valued and appreciated. What matters is that we are all learning ‘together’ with that ‘one team’ approach in a positive, open, and fun environment, with no hierarchy.

  • Teamwork – How to bring out the best in your people when working together
  • Leadership – How to be an effective leader and make your people ‘shine’.
  • Culture Change – How to make your workplace awesome so that your people never want to leave.
  • Values & Behaviours – How to understand the impact of Values & Behaviours in the workplace
  • Performance – How to perform better without feeling stressed and burnt out.
  • Development – How can we be better developed and supported.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Will this be Delivered?

Sessions are delivered locally here on the Isle of Man. They can be one-to-one or in groups with a workshop and coaching with goal setting if needed.

Who will Benefit from these Sessions?

Any business, organisation or charity. Small Medium Enterprise or Corporate and any industry who want to create the best working environment on the island.

What can you Expect from Jo?

I am a passionate people person who has worked with people on all levels.  I understand the challenges which you face because I have been in there in that ‘hot seat’ living and breathing those challenges.