Customer Service & Sales Training

Why Do We Need Customer Service & Sales Training?

No matter what trade or profession you work in, you will always need excellent customer service and sales skills to attract new customers and more importantly retain your existing ones. It’s all about building the customer relationship.

With three decades of providing excellent customer service, delivering outstanding sales results, and understanding the challenges that businesses are faced with, you really could not be in better hands with me.

See below what we will cover in the courses:

Customer Service Training – Both Internal and External Customers

  • Listening Skills
  • Empathy, Trust & Integrity
  • Complaint Handling
  • Telephone & Email Etiquette
  • Eye Contact


  • Sales Through Service
  • Time Management
  • Managing Your Sales Pipeline
  • Proactive & Reactive Selling
  • Listening Skills

Frequently Asked Questions

How Will the Courses be Delivered?

My courses are delivered face to face or in groups locally here on the Isle of Man.

Who will Benefit from these Courses?

Any business, organisation or charity. Small Medium Enterprise or Corporate and any industry who have external or internal customers.

What can you Expect from the Courses?

A clearer understanding of how important it is to deliver the best customer experience on the island and the impact long term

My approach to Customer Service and Sales Training

I focus on the following key values:

  • Common sense
  • Getting to the point
  • Being clear and concise

My courses are:

  • Easy to understand
  • Interactive
  • Delivered in a friendly manner
  • Getting those basic core skills embedded
  • Fun

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered here, please contact me.


“I’ve known Jo for many years working with her to build and drive sales. Jo provides a fantastic service to her clients and customers and goes above and beyond to achieve results. Jo is passionate in everything she does, fantastic at dealing with people, provides top customer service to enhance the customer experience.”

Dave – Head of HR & Retail Business Development Manager


“Jo worked for me in a sales role.  From the outset it was clear to me that Jo was an extremely competent sales person who would leave no stone unturned in trying to gain a sale.  What was clear to me was that it was not just about selling and Jo made every customer feel important and valued. 

It was during this time that Jo went about developing her skills and using them to help others in the team.  Jo subsequently qualified as a coach and I can think of no better person to coach people on how to deliver fantastic service along with her enthusiastic work ethic.”

Andrew ‘Digital Infrastructure and Telecommunications Manager’