Let’s make you and your people shine!


There are so many trainers and coaches out there in this world, so why should you choose me? I bring over 35 years of experience in a variety of customer-centric roles in the following areas:

  • Training
  • Customer Service
  • Business Development
  • Sales & Marketing

I haven’t stayed in just the one business sector or with the same company for all these decades. I have moved around in different businesses serving customers in the below areas. I chose to do this so that I could gain a clearer understanding of the customer experience whatever field I was working in.

  • International Banking
  • Hospitality
  • Global Telecommunications
  • Radio Advertising 
  • Social Media
  • Retail
  • Local & Regional Dairy
  • Blended Domestic Services
  • Agriculture
  • Catering

I’ve lived and breathed those same challenges you, your people and your business face on a daily basis from your customers and their expectations. I understand those obstacles and how to overcome them.

I love to see people, develop, grow & flourish. I cannot tell you what joy it gives me bringing out the best in people’s performance.

Making the customer feel ‘valued’ and meeting their ‘needs’ ensures that they will come back to buy from you again and again. It really is all about the ‘customer relationship’ and how to retain it.

It is no longer guaranteed that a customer comes back purely on price. Service and after sales service have become far more important than anything else.


A lot of people write what others want to hear, but here are the facts. I have known Jo for over 12 years and had the pleasure of working with her for a number of those years.

Jo has a great talent of providing clarity to her clients by firstly establishing their individual needs and then providing a clear understanding of how to achieve their goals via a reciprocal business venture with that light sprinkling of personal trust and understanding.

Jo will strive to not only achieve these goals but her tenacity for the client will also maintain a solid relationship which is important in the retention of the client. I would never hesitate in recommending Jo as she will always be an asset in any field.”

Gary – Head of Group Business Development, Corporate & Trust Services


Coaching is a very powerful addition to your life and career.

In terms of both work and life stability, workplace and life coaching sit hand in hand. They compliment each other tremendously well. You have to have the right ‘life balance’ if you are going to perform at your best at work.

Just the same for home, you have to have the right ‘work balance’ for your home life. If things are not good at work then this will affect your home life too!

I qualified as a coach in 2009 as I genuinely love to help people grow, develop and shine.

If you are looking for a trainer or coach who genuinely cares about people’s development, performance or wellbeing then I would love to hear from you. Contact me and together let’s make a difference to peoples lives.


“I have known Jo for 14 years or so now and on every occasion she has consistently exceeded my expectations in every way. As our corporate relationship manager, Jo delivered the best service levels I have encountered, anywhere. She understood our needs, assisted in transforming the communications services we received into the ideal and optimised solution for us. Jo ensured that she understood all our needs and anticipated likely future entrancements so that we were able to devise the best strategy for this business.

Over the years she then focused on training and assistance to ensure we are extracting optimal value from our solution.

As Jo moved on to other directions, I have been delighted to see her flourish in every role, whether better commercialising the Island’s milk & cheese business or latterly in launching her own new businesses. Her passion, dedication and commitment to do things right, the first and every time, shone through.

I am delighted to be able to endorse Jo, she is the consummate professional, skilled in sales, customer service and coaching. But far more than that, she is a beautiful human being who cares. And that’s what we all want, someone who genuinely cares that what they do actually is of value.”

John – Managing Director, Financial Consultancy